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What Are The Various Types Of Distillation Equipment?

Date:5 January, 2023   |   No Comments   |   Posted By Team Alaquainc

What does Distillation Equipment refer to?

Distillation is the process of separation where two liquids having different boiling points get separated. We can also call it the process of converting liquids into vapors. It is a unit process used in chemical industries to separate components.  In this process, we convert liquid into vapor and recondense it and then collect it in the vessel. We also use this technique to obtain a pure liquid from non-volatile impurities. It can also be used to raise the absorption of specific components in a mixture. You can easily find the distillation equipment supplier in the USA. 

This process of distillation starts with the heating of a liquid to the boiling point. Doing this evaporates the liquid and forms a vapor. After that,  the gas gets cool by passing it through the pipes at a lower temperature. The vapor that gets cool condenses and forms distillate. 

The distillate is the pure form of the original liquid because it leaves the impurities behind and creates distillate. When we repeat this process on the collected liquid,  we call it as s double distillation.  

There are several distinct distillation techniques. In this blog further, we are going to discuss the different distillation types. Let’s start. 

Types of  Distillation:-

  1. Simple
  2. Fractional
  3. Steam
  4. Vacuum
  5. Air-sensitive Vacuum 


  • Simple Distillation

We use the process of simple distillation when the boiling points of two liquids vary from each other. This process of distillation is for separating the liquids from solids or non-volatile components. Simple Distillation involves heating the mixture of liquid to the boiling point and condensing the formed vapors. 

  • Fractional Distillation-

With the help of this distillation process, we separate the liquid in the mixture having the same boiling points. There is the involvement of steps of vaporization and condensation which takes place in the fractioning column. In this process, when the mixture gets heated, a substance having a low boiling point starts evaporating condenses the liquid and separates out. 

After that increase, the temperature ad separates the component from low to high boiling points. 

  • Steam Distillation-

Steam distillation is for separating the heat-sensitive components in a mixture. To make it slightly heated and vaporize some portion, we pass the steam through the mixture. The formed vapors get condensed and we receive the necessary distillate. With the help of this process, we obtain essential oils and herbal distillates from many aromatic flowers or herbs. 

  • Vacuum Distillation-

We must use the vacuum distillation process to separate the liquids having high boiling points in the mixture. We do not heat these compounds at high temperatures to boil however, the pressure of the surroundings is at its lowest point. And due to the low pressure, the component boils at a low temperature. 

When the vapor pressure of the component and the surroundings is equal, it transforms into a vapor. These vapors then condense and collect as the distillate. We can use this distillation process to obtain highly purified samples of compounds. 

  • Air-sensitive Vacuum Distillation-

Some compounds react when they get exposed to the air. This air-sensitive vacuum distillation process is for the compounds that are sir sensitive and react with it. However,  after the completion of the process, we must replace the vacuum with the inert gas. 


Wrapping it up:-

There are various types of distillation processes that are used to separate the various types of liquid mixtures. Here we have discussed some of them that are used in many industries and factories to separate the different compounds. 

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