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how to use distillation equipment to make alcohol

how to use distillation equipment to make alcohol

Date:9 March, 2023   |   No Comments   |   Posted By Team Alaquainc

To make exquisite alcohol you need to have distillation equipment of top-notch quality with you. The process of distillation separates elements and substances from the liquid through boiling and condensation. Every element has a different boiling point. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have knowledge of elemental properties. As the boiling point of different elements grows closer the process of effective separation will become more difficult. 

Alcohol is all around us. People use it for medicinal purposes, foods, and beverages, and its primary contribution to humanity is stress relief on weekends. But have you ever wondered how manufacturers actually produce alcohol? In this article, we will understand just that. We will learn about the procedures in the process of distillation. 

In the laboratory, distillations are usually carried out in batches. You might not know but there are three essential types of equipment for the process of distillation. The following are the main parts of the process of distillation:

  • Reboiler or Pot – This is used to heat the source liquid. 
  • Condenser  – Heated Vapor is also cooled back to the liquid state all over again
  • Receiver Flask –  This is the device where concentrate or distillate is collected. 

As we move forward, in this article we will also understand the whole procedure in which distillation takes place. Along with this, we will also understand the equipment that is used for distillation.

Cohesively understanding the procedure of distillation:

Through this section, you will be able to formulate a basic understanding of the process of distillation. The following steps are necessary to commemorate in order to go through this process in an effective way:

  • The first step in the process of distillation is to heat the liquid to the boiling point and by the appropriate use of the reboiler or pot. This in turn will cause the liquid to evaporate and turn into vapor. 
  • After this step, the system cools the vapor and passes it through the condenser to maintain a much lower temperature, achieved through the process of cooling water.
  • Cooling and condensing this vapor effectively results in its distillation.

Types of distillation processes

In this section, we will have a basic understanding of some of the major types of distillation processes:

  • Fractional Distillation

This process consists of the distillation of the same liquid multiple times. The distillation takes place multiple times over consistently increasing temperatures to remove different substances from the mixture.

  • Steam Distillation

This distillation takes place in order to extract all of the elements from a compound that is sensitive to the temperatures. Implementing the process involves placing the liquid at various boiling temperatures. 

  • Vacuum distillations

Some of the substances present in the liquid have extremely high boiling points. In such a case, it will be more effective if you lower the pressure of the column. In this way, elements that are present in the mixture with much lower vapor pressure might have the ability to evaporate more easily. 

Equipment used for distilling liquor :

This is the most important step in the process of distillation. You will have to acquire the best equipment that can help you to get through this process effectively. Keep in mind that the quality of your chosen equipment will only increase with the amount of money spent on it. 

This equipment must consist of a mash bag, boiling pot, fermenter, hydrometer, and sanitizing solution. 


Now you have to choose the best ingredients for producing your alcohol. In case you are going for a simple vodka you can easily choose some mashes in order to do so. Alcohol production utilizes common types of elements such as potato, wheat, corn, and rye.


At this step, you will have to cook the base of the spirit or liquor. This in turn will only allow sugar to be more exposed and create a brand new type of liquid batch. You should keep in mind that the process of distillations might be difficult for a certain type of liquor. 

Last thoughts:

Above mentioned factors were some of the important steps through which you can complete the process of distillation of alcohol. If you do not want to indulge yourself in such a tiresome activity, you can take the help of AlquaINC. This is the corporation where you can find the best industrial distillation equipment at a much more affordable price. 

As mentioned earlier, with great quality of equipment you will be able to develop alcohol to a more elegant level.

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