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Alaqua 7004 Boulevard East, Suite 28A,Guttenberg, NJ USA 07093    +(00-1) 551 482 7568   

Distillation equipment and why it is important?

At the core of any oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical, perfume industry, gas plants, etc. the distillation used for separation of liquids mixtures into its various components.

What is the meaning of Distillation?

The process of heating liquid mixture vaporizing its components at different temperature and condensing it by passing through pipes at a lower temperature.

Distillation is the most commonly used method for the extraction of crude oils, alcohol, fragrance, water, etc. Usually, distillation consists of two processes evaporation and condensation. It needs different types of distillation equipment.

Distillation Equipment

Let’s see get on known to the Distillation process.

Add heat to a liquid mixture with two or more main substances; for example, a water and ethanol mixture.

As the liquid heats, components with the lower boiling points will vaporize and rise through the column. But the vapor rising in the column still contains some molecules of the other substances. Vapor gets purer the higher it rises in the column, as heavier molecules “fall off” and turn back to liquid.

Distillation equipment has Columns called “stage”; a stage is an area in the column with a similar amount of molecules of each type of substance. Distillation equipment is designed to be tall enough to achieve a certain percentage separation.

Vapor reaching the top of the column (distillate) is collected into an industrial condenser (a big chiller), which cools the vapor back into a liquid, and piped into tank or storage.

Substances remaining in the column continue the process of distillation until the desired purity is reached. There are batch systems, in which the base is removed when the desired separation is achieved. In many systems, a solution is recirculated several times to make sure substances are properly separated.

Distillation Equipment
Distillation equipment is one of the most popular techniques implemented for purification and separation of a mixture.

Where these Distillation equipment are needed?

✓ Crude oil separation
✓ Water Distillation to remove impurities
✓ Brewery and distilleries
✓ Perfume industries

Where its importance felt?

  • To achieve purity of desired substances.
  • To manage wastewater. So preventing the environment from pollution.
  • To boost your project by giving a quality product.
Benefits of vacuum system attached with Distillation equipment-

Attaching a vacuum system with Distillation equipment to distill solvent under vacuum. The boiling point of the solvent is lowered in vacuum condition so separation is achieved without expending more energy in heating more.

Nowadays the Leading Company in distillation equipment, evaporators, and crystallizers is ALAQUAINC.

Our distillation equipment is equipped with a specially designed doctor blade to mix the waste solvent being distilled. Thus, discharge turns into powder and flakes, less dangerous instead of a dangerous thick paste.

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