Spray Dryer

A spray dryer is a device that sprays liquid feed—such as solutions, pastes, or suspensions—into a heated drying medium to turn it into dried particles.

Principle of Spray Dryer

The process of spray drying entails turning a liquid feed into a mist of tiny droplets, which are then heated by air.

Construction of Spray Dryer

A spray dryer consists of several components, including a feed pump, atomizer, air heating unit, air dispenser, and drying chamber as well as exhaust air cleansing and powder recovery/separator.

Variants of Spray Dryer

1. Sterile spray dryer for pharmaceutical applications

2. Closed spray dryer for solvent recovery

3. Oxygen-free spray dryer for specific environments

4. Dual-purpose equipment

Types of Spray Dryers

1. Conventional Spray Dryer

2. Centrifugal Spray Dryer

3. Fluidized Bed Spray Dryer

4. Rotary Atomizer Spray Dryer

5. Nozzle Spray Dryer


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