Acid Concentration Using Evaporators

In industries, sulfuric acid is regularly used. For this reason, a significant volume of sulfuric acid that is concentrated forms.

Importance of Evaporators

Evaporators use the same process used to evaporate water to concentrate sulfuric acid. Salt and other non-volatile contaminants will be left in the acid to precipitate before being removed from the evaporators.

Decomposition of Non Volatile impurities

Vacuum Process

Vacuum is used during the concentration process to lower the evaporator's boiling point. This procedure is required to prevent corrosion and to use steam as a heating medium for evaporator tantalum tube heat exchangers.

Importance of Temperature Difference

It matters how hot and acidic temperatures differ from one another. This is why the vacuum method is applied.

The two stages of the concentration process

1. Scrubbing of Vapors:-

It is vital to clean up the fumes because boiling sulfuric acid, which is very concentrated, contains vapors. The diluted sulfuric acid is injected into a column above the evaporator, where this procedure is carried out.

2. Heating the cold feed:-

The entry of the acid droplets is what triggers the condenser concentration process. The technique of heating cold feed involves the concentration of sulfuric acid, which lowers costs.


The process of concentrating sulfuric acid includes water removal using an evaporator. Concentrating sulfuric acid is used widely, for example, it is used in chemical manufacturing such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, ammonium sulfate, etc.

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