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The use of evaporators in the refrigerator system

The use of evaporators in the refrigerator system

Date:6 July, 2020   |   No Comments   |   Posted By Team Alaquainc

When it comes to the refrigerator system, then evaporators play a major role in the cooling system of the refrigerators. Evaporator, condenser, expansion device, and compressor maintain refrigerator cooling. Evaporators remove heat, acting as heat exchangers for cooling.

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The importance of a refrigerator system

We all know the importance of a refrigerator-system in our lives, especially during the summer season.

Refrigerators help in keeping the food and water cold during hot seasons. So, refrigerators keep food fresh longer by slowing bacteria growth in cold temperatures. Cold water satisfies summer cravings.

The types of evaporators in the refrigerator system

Refrigerator-system has two evaporator types for efficient heat exchange, keeping food fresh for an extended duration. Let’s have a look at them in a detailed manner.

  • Forced convection

A fan or pump forces the liquid being cooled down through the evaporator in the refrigerator system, utilizing a forced convection type of evaporator.

  • Natural convection

The refrigerator system cools liquid naturally over the evaporator using a natural convection-type evaporator. So, this process happens because of the difference between the density of the warm and chilled liquid.

The types of construction of evaporators

Three types of evaporator construction are used in refrigerator systems for various applications. Let’s have a look at them in a more detailed manner.

  • Bare tube evaporators

Bare tube construction ensures full contact between the evaporator surface and refrigerant in the refrigerators system.

  • Plate surface evaporators

Plate surface evaporators operate like bare tube evaporators in refrigeration, following the same concept of direct contact with evaporating refrigerant. However, plate surface evaporators and bare tube evaporators are present in the different types of refrigeration systems.

  • Finned evaporators

The construction of finned evaporators involves installing metal plates, usually made of aluminum, over the bare tube coils of the evaporator. These fins enhance the efficiency of the evaporator.

So, the design of the evaporators used in the refrigerators-system depends on the various factors. However, there are three main factors that affect the designing of the refrigerator system evaporator a lot. They are pressure drop, temperature, and liquid and refrigerant vapor.

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