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Alaqua 7004 Boulevard East, Suite 28A,Guttenberg, NJ USA 07093    +(00-1) 551 482 7568   
Alaqua 7004 Boulevard East, Suite 28A,Guttenberg, NJ USA 07093    +(00-1) 551 482 7568   


Processing Equipment
processing equipment supplier

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Processing Equipment Supplier

Processing equipment is a vital component of any business that deals with the manufacturing or processing of products. It allows

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processing equipment services

What are Processing Equipment Services and Types?

Equipment that uses physical or chemical methods to increase the value of a raw material or product is referred to

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sugar Crystallization

Factors That Affect Sugar Crystallization

Sugar Crystallization is the process of solid crystals precipitating from a solution, either naturally or artificially. It’s also a chemical

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Falling Film Evaporators

Falling Film Evaporators: Principles And Applications

A falling film evaporator is a type of heat exchanger that uses a shell and tube design to evaporate heat-sensitive

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Six Signs That Your Furnace Heat Exchanger Is Failing

A heat exchanger is used in furnaces to distribute warm air throughout your home. It is a critical component of

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Food Processing

Reducing Risk in Food Processing: Sanitation, Worker’s Safety, and Traceability

Food processing safety and sanitation requirements are stringent, partly because the stakes are so high. Consumers and staff alike may

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Crystallizers: Specification, Design, and Methods

A crystallizer is processing equipment used to transform wastewater into solid crystals and pure water. Crystallization, a solid-liquid separation process,

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Distillation Equipment

Distillation: Equipment and Processes

Alaqua is a distillation equipment supplier along with other processing equipment such as the evaporator, crystallizer, solvent recovery systems, heat

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Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations While Cleaning Heat Exchanger

One of the most significant pieces of equipment in a manufacturing plant is the heat exchanger. Heat exchangers can

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Heat Exchanger

Types Of Heat Exchanger

To better comprehend the many types of heat exchanger, it is necessary to first understand what they are.


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evaporator and condenser coils

Process of Evaporator and Condenser Coils To Cool Your Home

Air conditioners do not “generate” cold air in the same way that a furnace does. They use refrigerant to extract

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types of evaporators

How many types of evaporators are in refrigeration?

Keep in mind that heat moves from a hotter to a colder substance. As a result, the temperature of the

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Spray Dryer

How to maintain and find your Industrial Spray Dryer?

The food sector recognizes the value of spray drying, and demand is growing in proportion. How would you select a

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Rising Film Evaporator

Rising Film Evaporator: Applications, Advantages and Limitations

For the finest confirmation of diluted stream performance, use the Rising Film Evaporators. They have simple building ideas yet

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vacuum cooling crystallizer

How does a vacuum cooling crystallizer work?

Crystallizers concentrate the feed into solid crystals and pure water. Crystallization, a solid-liquid separation method, produces solid crystals from a

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Distillation Equipment

Distillation Equipment Guide

With the appropriate distillation equipment, you can make some fantastic booze. Distillation equipment comes in a variety of shapes

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Solvent recovery systems

The Ultimate Guide To Solvent Recovery Systems

Solvent recovery systems are the process of recovering and reusing solvents used in the extraction of cannabis. Chemical solvents are

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Continuous Distillation

Advantages of Continuous Distillation

Distillation, also known as classical distillation, is the process of selectively boiling and condensation to separate components or substances from

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spray dryer

Spray Drying Process: Application and Feature

Spray drying is a process that uses hot gas to quickly dry a liquid or slurry into a dry powder.

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Solvent Recovery

Solvent Recovery System and Disposal Recycling System

The solvent recovery systems process takes effluents and extracts valuable solvents and raw materials from the waste stream of a

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Spray Dryer Problems | Alaqua Inc.

A spray dryer is a machine used for drying utilizing a spray. To achieve evaporation and create a free-flowing dry

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What is a Spray Dryer and How does a spray dryer work?

A spray dryer is a method of rapidly drying a liquid or slurry into a dry powder with a hot

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Salt crystallizers

The Advantage of Mixed Salt Crystallizers in Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Wastewater Treatment Systems

Environmental requirements mandate true zero liquid discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment in various industries, including electricity, manufacturing, refining, mining, pulp and

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What equipment is needed for distillation?

Distillation is a process for separating chemical components in a boiling liquid combination based on variations in their volatilities. Sometimes

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Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Questions You Should Ask Your Processing Equipment Manufacturer

The company ALAQUA is based in the United States. We are a processing equipment supplier. For over 25 years,

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Cleaning and Maintenance of Distillation Equipment

The quality of distillates produced, whether they be water, essential oils, spirits, or fuel alcohol, is determined by how well

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Solvent Recovery System for Processing Industry

Solvent recovery systems are widely used in recycling and waste reduction in the packaging industry. To distil the liquid and

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Spray Dryers

Different utilizations of Spray Dryers – Alaqua Inc

The spray dryer dries substances by employing a spray, serving as a processing device. The spray dryer mixes a heated

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