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An important role of Evaporator in food industry

An important role of Evaporator in food industry

Date:13 February, 2020   |   No Comments   |   Posted By Team Alaquainc

Always enjoyed jam, condensed milk, milk powder, dried cheese powder, etc. Do you ever consider how people make these things? The Evaporator in the food industry is flourishing and the reason is readymade foods in concise preparation. And this is all possible through evaporators used in the food industry. In the food industry, raw materials contain more water than is required in the final product. The easiest way of removing the water, in general, is to give heat to evaporators. Food technologists use evaporation to concentrate the substance.

Why it is important to use an evaporator in the food industry?

Many industries use evaporation extensively to concentrate fruit and vegetable juices, milk, and coffee extracts, refine sugar, and process salt.

Evaporation differs from drying and dehydration in that the fabricated form is a concentrated liquid not a solid. Evaporators only act as the first steps in making dried products by making the end products a concentrated liquid. By spray drying, dried products are made. So powdered products are an aggregate of both techniques like milk powder. This aggregate of tactics is economically attractive because high-efficiency evaporation is considerably less priced than other techniques to dispose of water.

A group or a continuous step process carries out evaporation. This means the input raw material and product streams are continuous and keep their concentrations constant.

Continuous evaporation provides concentrated liquid, unlike distillation, which yields condensed liquid. This distinction makes evaporators a favorable choice over distillers in the food and beverage industry.

Hence, evaporation removes extra water content in foods or fruits. Thus, improving its self-life of food. Therefore, make it easy to store and last for long.

Evaporator in food industry
Evaporator in the food industry

Reasons to have vacuum system-equipped evaporators in the food industry?

Therefore, a vacuum lowers the boiling point thus increasing efficiency and works at low energy usage. So it will be more cost-effective. Hence, Alaquainc specializes and has expertise in providing services related to evaporators for your new startups and brands.
Hence, vacuum-equipped evaporators also discard noncondensible gases and material that originate as dissolved material in the evaporator or from leaked air into the evaporator. So the waste product is very low.

Where these evaporators can be used?

  • Tomato processing.
  • Tomato paste production.
  • Fruit processing.
  • Juice production.
  • Aseptic filling machine.
  • Jam Production.
  • Juice extractor/refiner.
  • Jam sterilizing machine/sterilizer
  • Juice sterilizing machine/sterilizer.
  • Dairy products.

Hence, best for food production. In today’s world where everything is so easily available and fast. Therefore, these processed foods fill the needs of today’s generation. Hence, feel free to contact us for assistance in your plants by Click Here

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