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Concentrating Sulfuric Acid Through Evaporators

Date:24 February, 2020   |   No Comments   |   Posted By Team Alaquainc

Use of concentrated sulfuric acid:

Industrially vital, abundant concentrated  sulfuric acid results from widespread usage in various industries.

Importance of Evaporators:

The concentration of sulfuric-acid is done by evaporators with the same procedure of evaporation of water.  acid concentration mirrors water evaporation; non-volatile impurities, like salt, precipitate and are removed from evaporators.

Decomposition of Non Volatile impurities:

Non-volatile impurities have to decompose in the process. Either they decompose during the concentration of sulfuric-acid or they will decompose before entering the horizontal boiler of the evaporator.

Vacuum Process:

Vacuum aids concentration by lowering the evaporator’s boiling point during the concentration process. Hence, this process is necessary to avoid any rusting and for the use of steam as heating media for the tantalum tube heat exchangers of evaporators.

Importance of temperature difference:

The difference between the temperatures of heat and acid is important. So, vacuum process or electrical quartz sticks heat as an alternative to steam for specific applications.

The two stages of the concentration process:

The concentration of sulfuric-acid through evaporators carried out in two stages. And, the first one is the vacuum evaporation stage and the second one is the lower vacuum stage which gives the final concentration of high-concentrated acid.

Scrubbing of Vapors:

Because of the presence of vapors in the highly concentrated boiling sulfuric-acid, it is necessary to cleanse the vapors. So, the process occurs in a column above the evaporator, receiving diluted acid.

Heating the cold feed:

The process of concentrating on the condenser depends on the entrance of the drops of acids. Therefore, heating cold feed with concentrated acid reduces costs in the process.

The final result:

Hence, acid vapors stored in rust-resistant condensers; repeat process if results unsatisfactory.


Hence the process of concentrating acid includes water removal using an evaporator. Therefore, widely used in chemical manufacturing, concentrated acid includes hydrochloric, nitric, and ammonium sulfate.

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