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Alaqua 7004 Boulevard East, Suite 28A,Guttenberg, NJ USA 07093    + 201 758 1577    201 758 1522


The Different Types Of Industrial Distillation

Distillation is a process that is used in various industries for various industrial applications. Not only the process of distillation used in various applications but there are various ways of performing the distillation process as well. The different types of distillation processes have their own advantages and disadvantages in the industry. The different types of […]

The application of distillation equipment in the process of alcohol formation

The application of distillation equipment in the process of distillation in alcohol formation is basically the separation of alcohol from water. The formation of alcohol involves the boiling of alcohol. Alcohol usually starts boiling at a lower temperature than water. As a result, when alcohol gets heated, the vapors of the alcohol start getting evaporated […]

The Functions Of Evaporator And Condenser In Your Air Conditioning System

The two most essential elements in your air conditioners and any other cooling systems are condensers and evaporators. The coils of the condenser and evaporator help in cooling the place. Let’s discuss how these coils work and what the functions are. Function Of An Air Conditioner The air conditioners help in removing the heat simultaneously […]

The Different Types Of Crystallizers

Crystallizers are the equipment used for achieving the process of crystallization. In the various industries, the crystallizers are used for the separation process of liquid to solid. The crystallizers are manufactured in such a way that they are able to produce high purity products that too without much energy input. That means crystallizers are highly […]

The Common Use Of Heat Exchanger For Evaporators

The heat exchanger is commonly used in the evaporators and condensers. The most common use of heat exchanger in evaporators is for the purpose of water cooling and water chilling applications such as shell & tube heat exchanger. If we talk about the use of heat exchanger in the evaporator only then it is used […]


  The basic meaning of crystallization is the method of separation. In this separation process, either crystals or precipitate is produced from a liquid or gaseous form. The solid crystals produced from the process of crystallization are very pure. That is why the process of crystallization can also be used as the process of purification […]


  Evaporator systems are the heart of many industries. And its efficiency depends upon the efficiency of its heat exchange process. For the good working of the evaporator, it has a heat exchanger. What it is? The heat exchanger is equipment in the evaporator system used for perfect heat exchange between two separated medium. Whether […]

Sulphuric acid concentration and its application

Commercial sulfuric acid is a reasonably-priced commodity and the diluted and impure acid does not have proper marketplace potential. Disposal with the aid of neutralization with lime is associated with, issues of solid (calcium sulfate) dealing and also adds-on to the cost. To triumph over these issues, new technologies are in trend know-how, layout engineering […]

Concentrating Sulfuric Acid Through Evaporators

Use of concentrated sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid is widely used in industries. That is why a large amount of concentrated sulfuric acid is formed. Importance of Evaporators The concentration of sulfuric acid is done by evaporators with the same procedure of evaporation of water. Any non-volatile impurities such as salt will be left in the […]

An important role of Evaporator in food industry

Always enjoyed jam, condensed milk, milk powder, dried cheese powder, etc. Do you ever think of how these things made? The food industry is flourishing and the reason is readymade foods in concise preparation. And this is all possible through evaporators used in the food industry. In the food industry, raw materials contain more water […]