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Alaqua 7004 Boulevard East, Suite 28A,Guttenberg, NJ USA 07093    + 201 758 1577    201 758 1522


Evaporators- Types and Applications

EVAPORATORS APPLICATIONS Evaporation is a process that is used to concentrate on the solution of a solvent. The solvent is usually water. The solvent is further vaporized to produce a concentration solution. Evaporation is very much different from distillation because evaporation doesn’t involve the separation of vapors into components. An evaporator consists of a heat […]

An important role of Evaporator in food industry.

Always enjoyed jam, condensed milk, milk powder, dried cheese powder, etc. Do you ever think of how these things made? The food industry is flourishing and the reason is readymade foods in concise preparation. And this is all possible through evaporators used in the food industry. In the food industry, raw materials contain more water […]


What is an Evaporator?? An evaporator is a device used for the process of turning the form of a substance from liquid to gaseous form or vapor and the process is known as evaporation. Types of Evaporators:- 1. Falling Film Evaporators:- The falling film evaporator is a type of evaporator which is used for heat […]


As the name suggests, evaporators are devices that cause a material to evaporate and become its gaseous state. Because of their wide range of practical usage, they can be suitable in a variety of applications, ranging from agriculture to waste management. To describe the versatility of these essential devices, we’ll briefly go through some of […]


At core of any oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical, perfume industry, gas plants, etc. the distillation equipment used for separation of liquids mixtures into its various components. What is the meaning of Distillation? The process of heating liquid mixture vaporizing its components at different temperature and condensing it by passing through pipes at a lower temperature. […]

World’s largest EVAPORATION plan with integrated Ash CRYSTALLIZATION

Thinking of Evaporators, Crystallizers for your commercial’s mill or projects. This is the right time you can contact us. Our evaporators are of high quality, uses low energy, have great capacity, good condensing capability, lower impact on environment. Integrated with Ash crystallization. These types of plants have high production with zero waste. In projects with […]