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Alaqua 7004 Boulevard East, Suite 28A,Guttenberg, NJ USA 07093    +(00-1) 551 482 7568   
Alaqua 7004 Boulevard East, Suite 28A,Guttenberg, NJ USA 07093    +(00-1) 551 482 7568   


Different utilizations of Spray Dryers – Alaqua Inc

The spray dryer is a processing device used for drying the substances while utilizing a spray. The spray dryer mixes a heated gas with an atomized (sprayed) liquid stream within a vessel (drying chamber) to achieve evaporation and produce a free-flowing dry powder with a controlled average particle size that can further be converted into […]

Optimization of the Heat exchanger and its networking process

The heat exchanger is a device used to transfer the heat from one medium to another. The heat exchangers are not only used to heat but majorly are used for cooling the substances and are used by the processing industries to transfer the heat. The exchanger separates the substances by a solid wall so that […]

Alaqua Inc – Supplying Evaporators Across The Globe Since 1989

About – Alaqua Inc.¬† Alaqua Inc. is the supplier of processing equipment across the globe since 1989. We supply evaporators, crystallizers, and distillation systems and we have proven ourselves time and again to provide the most trusted products. Here we will talk about the types of evaporators made in USA by Alaqua Inc. to be […]


Well, we all know that the most important part in the applications of evaporators is the evaporator coils. When it comes to the air conditioner system, there are various components which are allowed and which should work properly and together for the correction operation of the air conditioner system. However, one of the most important […]


Distillation is considered to be one of the most cost effective and reliable methods of separation which is done chemically. The process of distillation is a form of unit operation which is widely used in the various industrial applications. There are basically two types of distillation equipment available in the market which are popularly used […]


THE PROCESS OF CAUSTIC SODA EVAPORATION SYSTEM The caustic soda evaporation system is a very different and unique chemical process in terms of capacity and capability, the complexity of the process, and size. The main function of the Caustic Evaporation System is to convert the caustic soda into bleach for the purpose of the purification […]

The process of producing salt and sugar through crystallizers

Crystallization Crystallization is a process which is performed with the help of crystallizers. In the process of crystallization, the formation of solid crystals occurs through the solution. The crystals usually melt or sometimes are collected from the gas. There are two parts of the process of crystallization, the first one is nucleation and the second […]

The use of evaporators in the refrigerator system

When it comes to the refrigerator system, then evaporators play a major role in the cooling system of the refrigerators. An evaporator with other major components in the refrigerator system, such as condenser, expansion device, and compressor help in maintaining the cooling of the refrigerators. The basic function of an evaporator in the refrigerator system […]

The Different Types Of Industrial Distillation

Distillation is a process that is used in various industries for various industrial applications. Not only the process of distillation used in various applications but there are various ways of performing the distillation process as well. The different types of distillation processes have their own advantages and disadvantages in the industry. The different types of […]

The application of distillation equipment in the process of alcohol formation

The application of distillation equipment in the process of distillation in alcohol formation is basically the separation of alcohol from water. The formation of alcohol involves the boiling of alcohol. Alcohol usually starts boiling at a lower temperature than water. As a result, when alcohol gets heated, the vapors of the alcohol start getting evaporated […]